Principal Budget Development Guide

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Budget Guide Section

Table of Contents

  • Letter from Chancellor
  • FY22 Budget Guide Updates
  • Budget Assistance


Building a Budget by Flexibility – All School Types

This includes staffing allocations such as EL, School Mental Health, etc. that are specific to student population and not school type. This includes some Non-Personnel Budgeting sections that are tied to specific programs that allocate staffing (ex. IB and Custodial PS Non-Personnel Spending funds). 

  • Early Childhood Education
  • English Learners (ELs)
  • Special Education
  • School Mental Health
  • Afterschool Programing (21st Century Community Learning Grant Funded)
  • Reading Teachers/Specialists (Title I Funded)
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Programming
  • Department of Athletics

Level 1 Flexibility Allocations 


  • Custodial Guidance
  • Visual Arts, Music, and Performing Arts
  • Health and Physical Education (Healthy Schools Act)
  • Library Programs
  • World Language
  • LEAP – Includes Assistant Principal (L3) and Instructional Coach
  • School Counselors
  • Attendance Counselor
  • Global Studies Programming
  • Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM)

Level 2 Flexibility Allocations


  • Administrative Premium and Extra Duty Pay
  • Social Emotional Learning/School Culture and Climate
  • Dual Language Programming
  • Teaching Residency Programs
  • Strategy & Logistics Program

Level 3 Flexibility Allocations

Building a Non-Personnel Budget – All School Types

This includes funding that is allocated to schools as NPS but does not need to be budgeted as NPS such as Title I schoolwide funding and MGI investments. It also includes information about contracts and partnerships that schools can budget for using flexible funding or NPS allocations such as ANet or Electronic Learning. 

Level 1 Flexibilities

  • Title Funding for Title I Schools
  • Title Funding for Non-Title I Schools
  • School Security
  • Pool Operations
  • Literacy Materials

Level 2 Flexibilities 

  • Technology Purchasing Including At-Risk Technology Allocation
  • Supports for One STAR Schools

Level 3 Flexibilities 

  • Related Arts and Science Supply Allocations
  • Middle Grades Investments (MGI)

Non-Personnel Allocations

  • Core Content Blended Learning Recommendations (Electronic Learning)
  • School Partnerships
  • ANet (Interim Assessments and Professional Development)
  • Relay Graduate School of Education Leadership Partnership
  • Literacy Partnerships
  • Flamboyan Family Engagement Partnership
  • Guidance on Budgeting NPS – Historical Spending and Reprograming

Additional NPS Budgeting Guidance

Building a Budget – Additional High School Programming

This includes allocations provided to high schools for high school specific programing related to Athletics, College/Career, and Graduation. Information in the previous two sections is also applicable to high schools.

Level 1 Flexibilities

  • NAF Career Academies
  • Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC)
  • Ninth Grade Academies (NGA)
  • (Evening) Credit Recovery
  • Twilight Academy

Level 2 Flexibilities

  • Career Technical Education (CTE) – Perkins Grant Supported

Level 1 Flexibilities

  • Opportunity Academies and Pathways Guidance

Level 1, 2, & 3 Flexibility Allocations (HS)


additional Information

This includes information that compliments the budgeting process such as the CSP and scheduling guidance as well as the item catalog.

  • Comprehensive School Planning Process
  • School Health Services Program (School Nurses)
  • School-Based Health Centers
  • Extra Duty Pay And DCPS Employee Stipends
  • Substitute Teacher Process
  • Washington Teachers Union (WTU) Contract and Classroom Requirements
  • Rationale Template for Departing from LSAT or Personnel Committee (PC) Recommendation
  • FY22 Item Catalog

Additional Information