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Through a steadfast commitment to equity, excellence in instruction, and educating the whole child, we have invested carefully and thoughtfully in the past, which has meant that we are in a stronger place to continue accelerating outcomes for students.


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For School Year 2024-2025 (Fiscal Year 2025), DC Public Schools will continue to equitably distribute resources to align with the academic, social, and emotional needs of our students. Schools received funding aligned to their student enrollment and level of need with additional funds allocated to support students with greater needs. The DCPS model builds in equity as one of its core principles. Updated in FY23, DCPS’ school budget model seeks to equitably resource schools across the district using three factors: enrollment, targeted support, and year-over-year stability. The FY25 initial school budget allocations provided funding to schools for school year 2024-2025 and included resources across many program areas and student-based funds to address inflationary increases and increased enrollment at many schools.

School leaders and communities used their initial allocations to align resources to meet the needs of their student populations. These changes to initial allocations are reflected on schools’ submitted budget worksheets. To see your school’s submitted budget, please select the “FY25 Submitted Budget Worksheets” button on the right.

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DCPS is Investing an Additional $110M in Schools for SY2024-2025


FY25 Enrollment-Based Funding


FY25 Targeted Support Funding


FY25 Stability Funding