Opportunities for Budget Stakeholder Input

Town Hall: Exploring a New School Funding Model Together – Ensuring Equity, Sustainability and Transparency Across DCPS

Date: Thursday, August 12, 2021

Budget Hearings

The DCPS budget cycle is a year-round process and one that provides opportunities for stakeholders across our community — including parents, students, and principals, teachers and staff — to be engaged in the development of their school budget.   

One of the most meaningful ways for engagement occurs at the school-level through the Local School Advisory Team (LSAT).  The LSAT is a group of elected and appointed members that exists for every DCPS school. The team consists of parents, teachers, non-instructional school staff, a community member, and in some cases, students. This team advises the principal on matters that promote high expectations and achievement for all students, including the development of the school’s budget. Ultimately, principals and Instructional Superintendents (who oversee clusters of schools) have the final say on the budget.  

Throughout budget development, there are several LSAT-specific education and engagement opportunities between the budget team and LSATs as well as engagements for principals and LSATs facilitated by the budget team. For more general information about LSATs, go to https://dcps.dc.gov/page/local-school-advisory-teams-lsat. 

The other annual engagement that is required by DC Law is the Public Budget Hearing. In the fall, DCPS’ Chancellor convenes an annual Public Budget Hearing to hear from DCPS stakeholders about what they would like to see in the upcoming fiscal year budget. Stakeholders provide testimony captured on record. Per DC Code 38-917 this hearing must take place no later than November 30th.