FY23 Budget Development Guide

Additional Information

Flexibility Chart

Level 1 Allocations 

Level 1 = Required – Locked – These allocations are unable to be changed. This means that even a within program, change cannot occur. This may be determined by fund source requirements and allowability, such as grants and MOUs, legal requirements, and other core operational considerations.

Below items allocated in as a staffing formula

Principal (PK-12)

Self-Contained Special Education Classroom Teachers (PK-12)

Librarian (PK-12)

Teacher - English Learner Itinerant

Behavior Technician (Self-Contained) (PK-12) 

Coordinator - Board Certified Behavior Analyst (PK-12) 

Below items allocated as program grants to schools

Credit Recovery non-Opportunity Academy schools (9-12)

Twilight Program Admin Premium - Grant (9-12)

Assistant Principal - Ninth Grade Academy - Grant (9-12)

Ninth Grade Academy Admin Premium - Grant (9-12)

Specialist, Reading - Grant (K-5)

NAF Academy Coordinator, Manager (9-12)

Director - Early College (9-12)

Teacher, JROTC - Grant (9-12)

Pool MOU Funding & Instructors, and Elementary Pool Programming (PK-12)

Title II Professional Development - Grant (PK-12)

Title I Parental Involvement - Grant (PK-12)

Intl Baccalaureate Coordinator and NPS (PK-12)

Below funding is allocated as Student Based Budgeting (SBB)

ELL Weight (K-12) - Schools receiving Itinerant Services

Below items are pre-budgeted and locked from a Level 3 allocation

Library Programming Literacy Material Funds (K-12) pre-budgeted from Total NPS Allocation

Level 2 Allocations 

Level 2 = Required – Rarely flexible – Any shift in the allocation must maintain the intended purpose of the original allocation. Principals must demonstrate how they will meet related programmatic requirements.

Below items allocated as Staffing Ratios

Custodial Staff and NPS - Foreman, RW-3, RW-5 (PK-12)

School Counselor (6-12)

English Language Learner Teachers and Aides (PK-12)

Early Childhood Education Teachers and Aides (PK)

Inclusion Resource Teacher (PK-12)

Psychologist (PK-12)

Social Worker (PK-12)

Special Education Aide (PK-12)

Below items allocated as Program Grant funds to schools

Coordinator & NPS - Global Studies (PK-12)

Teacher - CTE, Vocational Ed (9-12)

Afterschool Administrative Aide, Afterschool Aide, Afterschool Teacher - Grant funded (Title I K-8)

Evening Credit Recovery Opportunity Academy schools (9-12)

NAF Academy Director (9-12)

Dual Language Funding (PK-12)

Safe & Positive Schools Funding (FY22 schools only)

Below items are pre-budgeted from a Level 3 allocation

Administrative Premium & Custodial Overtime pre-budgeted from Total NPS Allocation

Bilingual Counselors pre-budgeted at 1:100 using ELL weight funds

Level 3 Allocations 

Level 3 = Fully Flexible - These allocations are provided to schools to budget for staff and other programming.

Below funding is allocated as Student Based Budgeting (SBB)

Student Based Funding Base Weight (K-12)

Early Childhood Education Per Student Base Weight (PK)

Special Education Per Student Weight (PK-12)

English Language Learner Per Student Weight at Non-Itinerant Schools (PK-12)

Education Campus Per Student Weight (K-8 ECs)

Special Education Campus Weight (River Terrace)

Early Learning Center Weight (Military Road, Stevens)

At-Risk Concentration Weight >40% (PK-12)

At-Risk Concentration Weight >70% (6-12 students)

Below items allocated as Program Grant funds to eligible schools

At-Risk UPSFF (including Concentration amount) (All Schools PK-12)

OA Alternative Grant (Opportunity Academies) 

School Office Support (All Schools PK-12)

NPS Total Allocation (All Schools PK-12)

Title I - Schoolwide (Title I Schools PK-12)

Specialty Payment (Select Schools PK-12)

Below items allocated as Stability Funding to eligible schools

Safety Net Supplement (K-12)

Stabilization (K-12)

Mayor's Recovery Funds* (K-12)

Below items are flexible placeholder lines 

Uniform Per Student Funding Formula (UPSFF) At-Risk 

At-Risk Concentration UPSFF > 40% (PK-12) 

At-Risk Concentration UPSFF > 70% (PK-12) 

Non-Allocated Items

Items NOT ALLOCATED in updated budget model. Schools will use flexible and discretionary funds to budget for these positions and programs.

Containing Program Requirements

General Education Teacher - K-5

Aide - Kindergarten - (10mo) (K)

Science, Social Studies, Math, English Teachers (6-12)

Art, Music, and Physical Education (PK-12)

World Language (6-12 requirement)

Attendance Counselor (K-12)

Instructional Coach (LEAP) (PK-12)

Coordinator - Athletics & Activities (9-12)

Related Arts & Science NPS (PK-12)

No Program Requirements

Assistant Principal

Business Manager



Pathways (Program) Coordinator

Teacher - Schoolwide Enrichment Model


FY24 Item Catalog


Unit Cost

Administrative Officer


Afterschool Coordinator


Aide - Administrative


Aide - Computer Lab


Aide - Early Childhood


Aide - Instructional - (10mo)


Aide - Instructional - Year Round (80hr)


Aide - Kindergarten


Aide - Library/Technology


Aide - Special Education


Assistant - Strategy & Logistics (ASL)


Assistant Principal - English Language Arts (ELA)


Assistant Principal - Intervention (API)


Assistant Principal - Literacy (APL)


Assistant Principal - Math


Assistant Principal - Other


Assistant Principal - Science


Assistant Principal - Social Studies


Assistant Principal - Special Education


Athletic Director


Attendance Counselor


Behavior Technician


Business Manager




Coordinator - Athletic and Activities


Coordinator - Computer Lab/Technology


Coordinator - Global Studies


Coordinator - In-School Suspension (ISS)


Coordinator - Parent


Coordinator - Program


Coordinator - Special Education (CSE)


Coordinator - Strategy & Logistics (CSL)


Coordinator - Student Resource


Custodial Foreman


Custodian (RW-3)


Custodian (RW-5)


Dean of Students


Director - Career Academy


Director - NAF Academy


Director - Specialized Instruction (DSI)


Director - Strategy & Logistics (DSL)


School Counselor - 10mo


Guidance Counselor - 10mo (Bilingual)


School Counselor - 11mo


Guidance Counselor - 11mo (Bilingual)


School Counselor - 12mo


Instructional Coach


Instructional Coach - English Language Arts (ELA)


Instructional Coach - Math


Intervention Coach


Manager - Career Academy


Manager - School Administration and Operational Support


Manager - Specialized Instruction (MSI)


Manager - Strategy & Logistics (MSL)




Psychologist - 12mo




Relay Teacher Resident


Restorative Justice Coordinator


Social Worker


Teacher - 1st Grade


Teacher - 2nd Grade


Teacher - 3rd Grade


Teacher - 4th Grade


Teacher - 5th Grade


Teacher - 6th Grade


Teacher - Art


Teacher - Career/Tech Ed (CTE)


Teacher - Computer


Teacher - English


Teacher - Health/Physical Education


Teacher - Inclusion/Resource Services


Teacher - Kindergarten


Teacher - Math


Teacher - Music


Teacher - Performing Arts/Drama


Teacher - PK3


Teacher - PK3/PK4 (Mixed Age)


Teacher - PK4


Teacher - Reading


Teacher - Resource


Teacher - Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM)


Teacher - Science (Biology)


Teacher - Science (Chemistry)


Teacher - Science (General)


Teacher - Science (Physics)


Teacher - Social Studies


Teacher - STEM


Teacher - Vocational Ed (12mo)


Teacher - World Language


Technology Instructional Coach (TIC)


TLI Teacher Leader - Culture


TLI Teacher Leader - Early Childhood Education


TLI Teacher Leader - English Language Arts (ELA)


TLI Teacher Leader - Math


TLI Teacher Leader - Science


TLI Teacher Leader - Social Studies


TLI Teacher Leader - Special Education


Urban Teacher Residency


Non-Personnel Items & Additional Compensation

Administrative Premium (General)

Educational Supplies

Afterschool Paraprofessional (local)

Ed Tech Software 

Afterschool Site Leader (local)

Electronic Learning

Afterschool Teacher (local)

Equipment and Machinery (over $5,000)

Custodial Overtime

Equipment and Machinery (under $5,000)


Exra Duty Pay (DCPS employee additional compensation) 

Clothing and Uniforms (off the shelf)

Food and Provisions (Including PARCC snacks)

Contractual Services (including after school partners)

Furniture & Fixtures

Custodial and Maintenance Supplies

General Supplies

Custodial Equipment and Machinery (over and under $5,000)

Health Supplies

IT Equipment/Hardware

Tuition for Employee Training 

IT Supplies (consumables) 

Local Travel (Staff and Students - within 50 miles) 

Local Travel (Students - within 50 miles) 

Professional Development Incl. Conference Fees 

Membership Dues 

Professional Services

Office Supplies 

Recreational Supplies (including addmissions tickets) 

Out of City Travel (Staff and students - more than 50 miles Including International)

Stipends (non DCPS employee) 




WTU Extra Duty Pay And Non-WTU Extra Duty Pay

Extra Duty Pay is provided only to ET 15- (including ET 15/12-month, ET 15/11-month, and ET 15/10-month) and EG 9-classified employees in WTU positions. No other employee of DCPS, or non-employee providing services for the benefit of DCPS, is eligible to receive ED. Usually, ED is authorized for services performed beyond the normal tour of duty. See more information on the types of stipends for SY20-21 at https://dcps.dc.gov/publication/additional-compensation-procedures.

The following activities are centrally budgeted:

  • Tech POC stipends
  • Athletic coaches
  • Home visits
  • Reading clinic (small set of teachers)
  • TLI stipends
  • We the Girls leads

A supervisor may appoint an employee in a non-WTU position and/or non-DCPS employee to provide Extra Duty type services. In cases where the employee is a non-WTU member, the compensation type is “Non-WTU Stipend” (NWS) pay. For example, NWS may be paid to an Administrative Officer serving as moderator for the Debate Team, or to an Instructional Aide serving as the Drama Club sponsor for her middle school. Like ED, NWS usually is authorized for services performed beyond the normal tour of duty. 

Any type of additional compensation, whether a WTU extra duty pay non “non-WTU Stipend” must be budgeted under “Extra-Duty Pay” in the QuickBase Budget Application. The budget line “Stipends” are only for non-DCPS employees. 

Difference between admin premium and additional compensation 

While administrative premium is an hourly compensation provided to WTU and CSO (per the new CBA) for specific activities hourly through timesheets, additional compensation is a lump sum of dollars provided to members for qualifying activities. It is typically paid out at the end of each semester or year depending on the job advertisement.  

How to Pay out the Additional Compensation 

Schools will fill out and submit the additional compensation form and submit to the special requests team. Schools will be required to submit supporting documentation as well including a description of the role, the advertised compensation, and a description of how it was advertised. The process of paying staff goes from the special request team to OPRS (Office of Payment and Retirement Services). 

Please reach out to your school finance specialist or dcps.schoolfunding@k12.dc.gov if you need the form. 


LSAT Recommendation Departure Form

Rationale Template for Departing from LSAT or Personnel Committee (PC) Recommendation as to a RIF, Abolishment, or Furlough


Principals, please list below your reason(s) for departing from:

  1. The Local School Advisory Team’s (LSAT) recommendation as to the area of certification to be affected by an excessing division, and/or
  2. The Personnel Committee’s (PC) recommendation as to the individual employee to be affected by an excessing decision

Complete one form for each instance in which you have deviated from an LSAT or PC recommendation as it relates to an excessing decision.

LSAT or PC Recommendation

Principal’s Final Decision

Reason(s) for Departure

Click Here To Download

Principal Name: ____________________________________________

Principal Signature: _________________________________________                             Date: ______________

Upon completion by the Principal, this form should be submitted to the Strategic Staffing team by emailing your staffing coordinator or dcps.staffing@k12.dc.gov.

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