How Schools are Funded

DCPS will continue to fund schools using the Comprehensive Staffing Model (CSM) for 2021-2022, also known as Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22). While we had originally planned to introduce a next generation funding model for our schools for the upcoming year, with the shifts our families have experienced due to the COVID-19 public health pandemic, maintaining our current model for FY22 allows communities to engage with their schools on budgets year-over-year with a strong foundation of understanding. This approach will also allow us to carry out in-depth engagement this year on the DCPS budget, including how it can best serve students considering the changing needs brought about by the pandemic.


Comprehensive Staffing Model

The comprehensive staffing model is the method by which DCPS provides funding to schools. The CSM includes funding for required positions, flexible positions, programs, and non-personnel services. Budgets are allocated through staffing models by school type and through a non-personnel services model. 

Comprehensive Staffing Models by Type:

Supplemental Funding

In addition to local funding, schools can receive supplemental local and grant funding on budgets. 

Budget Inputs