DCPS Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22) Initial Allocation to Submitted Budget Comparisons and Year over Year Changes

The initial allocation given to a school looks different than the budget each school submits. In many cases principals make changes to positions and uses of funds to best fit the needs of their schools. While DCPS allocates funds for specific positions and resources, each school’s principal, in partnership with their LSAT and Instructional Superintendent, know what their school community needs and have the flexibility to build their budget to best fit those needs and goals. The Initial to Submitted Budget dashboard allows you to see the changes made to a school’s budget during budget development. Choose a school by going to the “Select a School” drop-down to see what was initially allocated through the DCPS Comprehensive Staffing Model and the final budget submitted by school principals. Break up the budget by selecting all or several of the budget categories under the “Category” section. You can also click the button the bottom right of the window to view the staffing changes from FY21.